Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Collection of Perfection

if I had enough money I would buy every single piece in the Spring Collection of

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's
brilliant compilation of 30 looks which are simply to die for.

their throw-away chic appeals to me in so many ways,
I love the youth of it, the luxury of it, the ease of it, the divine cut of the apparel.

it takes me away.
all this from Style.com which you may find here,
including their review which is glowing.

as style.com said in it's review:

This was a tranquil, transporting show, but one that was also firmly grounded in the here and now. Case in point: the show's sublimely understated loafers and mules, commissioned by the Olsens from the Bologna, Italy-based cobbler of handmade men's shoes Enzo Bonafè. It's the first time Ashley and Mary-Kate are offering shoes, and they'll be sold in limited editions. The Row's fans would be wise to put their names on the list now.

yep, if only I had the cashola I would pre-order ALL of this !

I will talk about "Fall 2013" beginning tomorrow, showing you things I like
and think will be wonderful for this season.
I'm just beginning to change seasons here in Houston, we are still very warm but
the angle of the sun has changed a bit so I know Fall is coming....slowly, slowly, slowly.

on another note, I've already begun to think about a Christmas party!
this is something I look forward to each year, the planning stage is so much fun
for me...and I plan it like a general in the field...lists are made for everything
including the red carpet extending from my front door to about 50' down the front entry,
gold glitter on the carpet, and The Nutcracker music playing as you walk up the driveway.
just another simple "Marsha" party for all our friends.

my newest little baby grand-son was born yesterday morning here in Houston,
weighing in at 9 lbs +,
mother & baby are wonderful!
my son & DIL are now trying to rest up at the hospital in anticipation
of all the hoopla once they return home.
his name is Ransom Harris.
I know, I know.



  1. First.... CONGRATS!!! on the new baby arrival into your family! How beautiful, happy for your family! Don't be surprised if the girls nic name him "HANDSOME".
    Lovely collection, especially the first and last photos I could see in my closet! The mules are cool!
    Have fun getting ready for Autumn, Hot here in Southern California, I'm ready for a cool fall breeze and some crisp mornings!

    P.S. Who is the artist on your playlist "Fields of Gold" ? I LOVE it!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, congratulations on your new grandbaby!!!!

    I wouldn't have thought I would like a collection from Mary Kate and Ashley, but it the photos are beautiful. I especially like the second dress.

    Enjoy your day, Marsha! xoxo

  3. Congrats on your new grandson!
    LOVE the sound of your Christmas celebrations. I can imagine they are the epitome of glamour.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful gift, a grandson! I am betting he has some hair too, my son was 10 lbs. and had a HEAD ful of hair:) The collection is so comfy looking! I noticed all the flats immediately, but being so "vertically challenged" hardly ever where them:):)

  5. Marsha,dear!

    Congrats,my wonderful friend:)*
    Oh,I know this feeling..................!!!

    How amazing is these pieces from'' Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's''
    Truly beautiful and so wearable,so stunning in all details there...

    I am SO happy for you,you are again a very happy granny:)))*


  6. Congratulations on a healthy Grandchild!!!
    All the Best,Karolyn

  7. Congratulations!!!! I cannot wait to see a few photos.

    I love this collection! So many things that I would wear.

    As for your party,I cannot wait to hear about all of the prep work. I LOVE having parties, of course all of the desserts are my favorite thing to make.

    Have a fabulous night, Elizabeth

  8. What a beautiful collection and I love the first outfit! So excited about your new grandson and love his name!


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