Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Perils of Perfectionism

the biggest peril is that one is always wanting to make "something" better,
prettier, more organized, created with a plan, an outcome which will be splendid.

& this is because those of us who are plagued with this particular trait
visualize "what" the "something" can actually become.

it is maddening!

especially when others disagree with you and think "everything" is great already.

you know?

I'll just give you one example.
Our garden is large, about an acre of property whose perimeters are creeping inward
& consuming the property itself.

To say that it needs thinning and a huge amount of trimming & pruning would be a slight
understatement, however, it can be done...about 10 linear feet at a time.

This is what I dream it to be:

what I see is that one would still have the perimeters with high hedges  & trees,  
with room which has been regained from the overgrowth to eventually arrive at
to me, this looks cared for, well-tended, a garden with a design in mind, a place
where everywhere you look you see something pretty.
it just takes a little time to grow in properly.

this past weekend from Friday onward I have been on ladders, with trimming shears and 
sissors identifying places we could thin out completely and still have the privacy, giving me
the width I need for these flowing, arching flower beds.

it has been exhilerating, liberating...just hacking away, but hacking with a plan.

& it has proven to be excellent therapy.

without meds.

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