Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Not ?

 Punch Up Your Wardrobe With These Statement Necklaces

Chunky costume necklaces are back in a big way this season.
 And it doesn’t take much to find a great one for under $100. 
Talk about a major bang for your buck.

Dries Van Noten
dries van noten

Lina Soderstrom

Denim and rhinestones are a classic combination (as any southern belle will tell you). Here, the model gives the look a modern twist with a tailored blazer and shirt from GANT Rugger. Note how she buttons her blouse all the way up to better showcase the necklace.

Anna Wintour


If Vogue’s Queen Bee wears a look, you can trust it’s going to stick around for a while. Wintour put a Park Avenue doyenne spin on the statement necklace when she paired it with a natty tweed suit during New York Fashion Week last month. That her younger companion is wearing a similar piece proves the trend has trans-generational appeal.

Eva Mendes


All that glitters is not a statement necklace as Eva Mendes made evident with the vintage-inspired bauble that she designed and wore to the of launch of her New York & Company collection in Manhattan last month.

below, just a few examples of the fab necklaces in our shop
which you will find