Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lighting the Fires....

Keep the home fires burning,
light a crackling fire on a crisp fall night 
and take comfort in its warmth.

the little dogs & I love a fireplace with a low, flickering flame,
we snuggle together on the sofa, one of them on each side of me,
watch TV.   there can be others in the room but Bono & FiFi never
leave my side, and they keep my place when I hop up to get something
from the kitchen.

 & in keeping with this thought I had the local chimney service
come out to check the view of the inside of our fireplaces.
thankfully, we didn't need sweeping.

but we do need the chimneys outside to be power washed,
just the effects of Houston's weather, trees, rain, etc.

these are the nicest young guys,
they provide so many other services for the homeowner as well.

by the time they were leaving I had a committment from one of them
to be my bartender for the Christmas party.  :)'s

Football Sunday !!!

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