Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Loot Shoot...

Sunday morning Chico's had their Friends & Family 40% off sale.

these stacks represent what I chose for one of my absent girlfriends.

vicarious thrills abounded !

you see that fluffy leopard chubby jacket?
& those black and gold patterned pants?
dynamite, dynamite, dynamite outfit.

she wore the below blues/golds shimmery sweater to bible study yesterday
and said girls she didn't even know told her how lovely she looked.

this collection of Chico's does not look "Chicofied" at all,
lots of great looks for really great prices.
I was very pleasantly surprised.

of course, my stack looked almost like this too...

oh what fun !!



  1. Gorgeous, everything would suit me, too, Great taste and lucky you. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Simone, you know in Texas we love shiny, glittery, glossy, glamourous.
      xx's my darling friend...

  3. Marsha, I love it all! Those fabrics...go shiny, glittery and glamor! I am enamoured by a necklace in your store, that stunning bib of crystals. I must order it for myself for Christmas. Is ship to AUS okay, happy to include postage. Xx

    1. Hey FF, yes we absolutely ship to Australia all the time. Never had a problem, and the postage is not much at all. Just let know which piece for certain or go ahead and purchase via the website, adding any special instructions, etc. Thank you SO much!

  4. Your friend is very smart to allow you to choose - you have impeccable taste!!


  5. I think it's much more fun to buy for somebody else than for me - this looks like a very elegant spread!

  6. I love all of these things, they are just so beautiful!


  7. Wow you go girl....nothing like a great sale!

  8. Do you remember when CHICO's was a teenage shop???Years ago……..hip for the young.They really hit a market that was not there for the more mature woman with a fashion flair!Your pile looks pretty good to me!

  9. I never find anything that will fit me at Chicos except their scarves! You found quite a stash...wish I caught a better glimpse of that anything animal!

  10. Dear Marsha, will you be my Chico's personal shopper??? I wear a size '0' Short in their clothes. Better yet, come visit me on St. Simons Island and we can shop at their store together! Love your post, as always!


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