Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wait! Another Christmas Wish Came True.

well, not really A Christmas Wish, but a strong desire...
striving for something which is a signal of progress
(& yes, acceptance), 
the something that comes so easily to others (but then I've never really been like others)
& has eluded me for awhile.

tonight I received a message from a beautiful woman, a comment.
she loved loved LOVED my blog.
that was enough to make my day, surely, wasn't it?

but, it was made even more special when she told me she was my
1000th follower !!

Whoppee, Wowzers, Yahoo, Yipee.

to all of you, the ones who have made this possible, who sustain me every day,
I am sending the biggest Texas hug across the www.

all of you have been part of this, without you there would be no blog,
no Splenderosa.

in fact, I had seriously been considering abandoning this altogether, as some of you know.

you know how gifts arrive unbidden, therein is a message.
everything is right on time.

I love each one of you, all of whom I call by your 1st names.
that's a pretty big deal isn't it?

Merry Christmas !!!