Monday, January 6, 2014


International Blog Party

one of the most wonderful changes I saw in the new season of

Downton Abbey

was the splendid Ralph Lauren commercial which aired just before the show.

the beautiful video set exactly the right tone for the opening of the series.

now, on to real life in Houston, Texas...

I've decided to go back to creating my semi-precious jewelry collection,
the economy here has never dipped too much, with the exception of the ladies being
very careful where they spent their monies.  Houston is a vibrant and exciting city with
such a brilliant social life; I cannot squander all the contacts I back to work
on the collection.

in addition, I'm proceeding with the mock-up of a luxury e-zine which
will be the next step, a huge undertaking and the way forward in
By Invitation Only.

so, if we work on this carefully, perhaps by next holiday we will launch.

this doesn't mean we won't do "B.I.O" during this time, as we will.

I do hope each of my readers and dear friends + many new ones will support me in this
undertaking.  my vision for this project is unlike anything currently available.
& it will be beautiful, exciting, creative and interesting.

let me know what you think.


& all of you have heard of a 
haven't you?

but, I don't mean the 007 kind.
I mean the killing of our Earth's animals for trophy.

my son and I are going to begin a project, which may already have 1000's of others
who would take up the cause, it will be called


each of us throughout the world can buy permits
which will go to support the countries who sell the licenses for
big hame hunting for trophy-seekers.

I believe you will understand what I'm trying to do.k

somehow, I absolutely must do this.
there must be others who believe as I do.
& believe me, I know how enormous this undertaking will be.

I've just returned from a long holiday in the mountains of Colorado,
so my post is a bit short on verbiage, however, all of these things are hugely
important to me.  please forgive the brevity.

everyone, please join each of our B.I.O. members who are posting today,
you know we are never boring!