Monday, January 13, 2014

Cross My Heart

32" Gold Multi-Strand Chain Necklace
with large cross pendant

newest trend, ladies, is lots of chains


to order email us ,

our website host is still giving us fits
please be patient.

there are other cross necklaces, both short and long
on the Fashion Necklace page

famous quotation
"Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether at 20 or at 80"
 Henri Ford



  1. Hello Marsha,
    Is this new necklace available to order, I didn't see it on any of the shop pages? And is the internet the only way to purchase your items? I live in Houston and was wondering if you have a shop to visit and purchase the items. Thank you so much. Also, I enjoy your blog!

    1. Liz, at present we are only online, however, you can come to see our things if you like. Send me an email @
      Thank you so much.
      And, yes, we have the necklace! It's not in the shop because we are having website problems.

  2. Gosh, the 80's are still here! I love favorite ((: Well some of the 80's or improved version of it...fabulous, no kidding!
    xo Z

  3. Love it!


  4. Marsha, does this come in silver? It's stunning! Hope your site issues clear up soon....what a bother when that happens!

  5. Love your new playlist! Love the necklace too....does it come in silver? Hope the kinks get worked out of your site...what a pain that is. xoxo, Melissa

  6. ZZZzzzzz chains……….are a WINNER!
    Adore that look!

  7. Marsha, this is a beautiful necklace! I love it!

    I hope ÿou are having a great day.


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