Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"By Invitation Only" February Edition

International Blog Party

I am so pleased to present our newest member,
 referred by Tish Jett, one of our founding members:


I believe you will find her wit a surefire entertainment &
today marks her 1st post with the group.
So please welcome her by hopping over to her blog.

  the topic of today's post is one to which we can all relate:

"What is Your Biggest Challenge?"

via the world in my mind on tumblr

& while we recognized that all of us in blogland lived perfect lives, 
therefore, this topic was fraught with invisible snares.

are we really supposed to ADMIT right here that we have challenges?

Yep, that's what we are supposed to do.

& beginning with me, I can tell you this is difficult.

via UK Vogue 1983
"The Quality of Lithe"
Model: Bonnie Berman
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Stylist: Grace Coddington

I'm the lady who always over-commits, whose friends can count on when the chips are down,
who will pick other people's kids up from school,
who will stay up all night setting the table for a dinner party.
who will go to the hospital with a girlfriend when the husband sleeps in,
who makes the impossible look easy, and who trys everything she knows to
be an excellent hostess, throws the best parties ever, and even loves NFL football (that is, until
this past Sunday's Super Bowl).

suddenly something's happened to me,
as now my mind feels exactly like this

62. dazzle.

perhaps, I'm having the proverbial breakdown?

I find I don't have time for the things which are most meaningful to me,
like my little grandchildren or my dogs, or cooking, or gardening, or just flopping down to
watch a wonderful movie.

in the past I would have said "I'll do that tomorrow."
but I can't say that any longer.

&, therefore, I'm admitting to you that my biggest challenge 
has been to make a commitment to myself.

a commitment to myself.

a vow, a promise, a trust
to do the things which are good for me.

some of those things may be to leave out certain pleasures from my life (like pasta),
to spend time nurturing myself in order to gain a more whole self,
a self I can be confident with, and one of which I can be proud.
I'll be proud of the accomplishment to keep the commitment to myself.

women, as a whole, all have this problem, I think.

but it's suddenly knocked me down.

it's going to be a difficult change,
 and sometimes I'll turn down invitations I would have normally enjoyed
so I can keep the promises to myself.

tomorrow is too late.

the commitment began last Friday. 
 I can feel the strength I've gained already.
it's called "Soul Food."
& I like it.

& because I know you are interested I will write a small report of
the trophy hunting probrem around the world, as I discussed with you a few weeks ago.
some good news, in fact.

the clickable icon list is below.

sending love to all of you, my faithful friends who I cherish more than you know.