Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Iconic Fashion Looks

hello everyone,

Spring is upon us in Houston, the sun is shining brightly, the sky is crystal clear.

& with this season comes the need to pull our a great pair of shades.

& who doesn't remember Jack Nicholson or Jackie Kennedy wearing theirs?

every fashion designer now has a "sunglass" line, totally unaffordable for most of us,
I can testify to this as recently I needed a new pair of Rx sunglasses...
I chose a Tom Ford pair.  By the time we were finished they cost about $650.
I did not buy them.

& so it's ironic that my good friend, Brian Magida, over at Warby Parker, emailed me
to announce the launch of their newest line


you guys must visit their website which you will find

this company has it all going on.

first, their prices begin @ $95.
next, their styles are happening and so fashionable
(you know how important this is to ME, right?)

& they have a charitable giving program much like Tod's
for every pair sold, they give a pair to people in need, so far over 500,000 pair
have been distributed,
& they even have Rx versions too.

this is NOT a paid advertisement, it's my opinion only.

the biggest plus is that they are sponsoring emerging artists

Artists in Residence


12 Songs
6 Artists
4 Days
1 Album

check it out !!

me in Cannes, wearing shades



  1. You look like a movie star in Cannes, wow! I love the big glasses, yes, they do remind me of lovely Jackie! I wanted to be like her when I grew up, lol! Have a great week, my friend! Happy St. Pat's too!

  2. Looking pretty, pretty fabulous, Marsha... xv

  3. Marsha, I'm trying to send you an email and your link isn't working. Can you email me? thanks, Leslie

  4. Stunning photos, love the red dress!


  5. You look like a model!! Beautiful! N.xo

  6. You look very elegant in your red dress and sunglasses. I do love Cannes.

  7. Looking the part honey....fabulous xxxx

  8. WOMAN IN RED……….YOU look GORGEOUS under those baskets of FRENCH FLEURS!!!!!

  9. I have a pair of Gucci Rx sunglasses, and even though my prescription has changed some, I'm still wearing them. Trying to get my cost-per-wear down! You look beautiful in that last photo!

  10. Beautiful photo Marsha, you're gorgeous in red!


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