Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bedroom Love

Master Bedroom
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Luxury Lifestyle

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Pretty but needs some color somewhere. Something vibrant like a plant at least
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the pinner thought it needed color,
I don't.  I love the serenity, the ease on the eyes with these soft colors, and
all monochromatic.

Mediterranean style Olive Mill Residence in California
to see this beautiful home in it's entirety please go HERE
it's in Montecito, California
& it is dreamy X10!

I was visiting one of my girlfriends at her home the other day and she took me back
to her bedroom to show me something.
I noticed she was opening her mail in her cozy chair, located next to a skirted
round table, her exercise bike was by the TV in the corner, and she had
piles of books on her bedside table.
I suddenly realized she "lived" in her bedroom, which is completely off-limits
to most visitors.
her home is a show place, always perfectly attended and ready for company.

for me, this wouldn't work.
I use my entire home, but when I finish something messy I put it up or out-of-sight,
fluff up the pillows, and the room is ready to use again.

I also realized that for me my bedroom needs to be serene,
uncluttered, a private refuge from all the world's commotion.
my closet is entirely separate from my bedroom and I make certain
all my clothes go in there even when I don't hang them up ( !! ).

so when I turn the bed back and settle down with whatever book or magazine
I'm reading, it's a completely relaxing time, the time before I finally fall asleep...
with Bono & FiFi both on the bed with me.  
& no TV is in the room.  I've just never been a fan of bedroom TV viewing.
it's OK to  have one in the bathroom or dressing area so one can keep up with the news,
but not in the bedroom.

does any of this make sense?

going to dinner tonight with one of my recently divorced girlfriends.
she & her husband of 17 years were the perfect perfect couple...
except, it seems, they weren't.
and, total coincidence, one of my long-time guy friends, who tragically lost his wife 3 years
ago in an automobile accident,  had asked her
out for cocktails, so he'll be there too.