Monday, April 28, 2014

The Garden Party.....

Wonderland | Photographer

well, ladies, it's done !

we hired a landscaper to try and reclaim the 1 acre of property which has, sadly,
been growing on it's own for several years.

congratulate me as it only took 2 years of convincing.

the landscaper gentleman, however, did it in one afternoon of putting forth ideas
on a man-to-man basis.

it seems I made a mistake by presenting the entire project as one thing,
and the professional put it into many "small" packages, 
which neither seemed impossible or very expensive.

now I know.  um-hum.  now I know.

we have some really shabby 25 year old holly hedges in the front which are all being
removed so show the beautiful exterior of the house which has floor to ceiling French doors
in all the front-facing rooms.  
one hasn't been able to see them as the holly has over-grown itself and hides a good 1/2
of the doors.

of course, I want something fluffy and low to replace the hedges,
and both of the guys are leaning to the sleek, contemporary look of the home.

maybe giant, beautiful giant pots or urns?

I'm excited about this, as now I have a "NEW PROJECT'
to keep me busy for a pretty long time.

& I promise some pics of the before and afters.

summer is sneaking up on us already I'm sad to say.
I really wish I knew George & Barbara better so I could get an invite to Maine!

& didn't I tell you George Clooney would bite the dust over this lovely
Amal?  actually, she may be a bit above him, and maybe that was the allurement.

have a wonderful week !!

kiss your dogs for me...