Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Amalfi Coast, Again

when one is here the sunshine looks like this

at least to me, it looks like this :)'s

& I'm this happy:



  1. A heart in the clouds - how gorgeous! I took a similar photo a few days ago of a tree which had grown into a heart shape - well, it had been pruned around the power lines so I guess the heart was full of electricity, haha!

    Your beloved Amalfi coast looks as beautiful as ever. Quite a magical part of the world.

  2. If I could click my fingers & make my wishes come true, I'd whisk us both to Portofino for a long leisurely lunch, wouldn't that be lovely....

    Love the music you have on today, so romantic! Xx

  3. You can never post too much about a magical place such as Amalfi...I spent my day planning a honeymoon for someone there...three days Sorrento, three days Ravello and then on to Rome...smart couple, right? Hope your week is going swimmingly, Marsha! xoxo

  4. Nowhere better...beautiful Italy...and Debussy, Clair De Lune...simply magical xx


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