Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happiness Is......


MSJ Charmer (Charmeur x Dorina), Charlotte Dujardin’s new dressage foal from Mount St John Stud, Yorkshire.
Check out that hindleg action in canter!


this cow doesnt give a fuck

& while California Chrome didn't win...
I did!!!

can you believe I won the jackpot at the party?
everyone puts in the same amount, picks a horse's name at random in a blind drawing.
I got #11 who won!

I believe what California Chrome's owner said that "fresh" horses, ones who have not
competed in either the Derby or the Preakness, have an unfair advantage over
the other horses who have already run 2 very very hard races in a short time period.

have a happy and blessed day, my friends...
from home on the range...

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