Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fall Couture in Paris


unwearable, unsellable, an homage to Kaiser Karl's own ego, I think...
bike shorts-like things under almost everything,
creating outfits only someone very very very thin & VERY YOUNG could possible wear.
though I do hear there are a lot of the very young at the shows & if history
tells us anything we should be aware of the youth quake in London some decades ago.

but, I do love the little shoes,
which will cost about $1500 I'm sure.


focusing entirely on evening wear, his show was nothing short of beautiful X10,
as expected.  from opening to the end everything was simply splendid
in the way we have come to know Elie Saab.


let me tell you, ladies, my man Giorgio surprised me with this collection.

very short skirts for the likes of Kate Hudson, who was sitting front row,
& Juliette Binoche & Pink.

the color story was BLACK/WHITE/RED,
quite a distance away from his trademark Armani Blue and the grays he favors.

these head pieces, some of which fell to the floor, added a diffusion to the lines.
spectacular they were.

& yes, I would wear this dress, sans headpiece - only because I'm too old to get away with it
and probably don't have the right gala to attend where it would look smashing.


always always always the tribute to elegance is owned by this house.
with or without Mr. Garavani's physical presence, his essence reigns.

to say this was the most opulent, most beautiful, most elegant isn't enough.
all of that, of course, but something else...
very very current, very very new via the shoes shown with each ensemble.

those little patches of gold are appliqued leather, representing wheat they say.
so back to the Earth for inspiration.
& see what I mean about the little sandals?  flat sandals.

to me, this little black dress is pure perfection.

so, tell me, what did you think?

anything you just absolutely LOVE?

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