Monday, August 4, 2014

What to Wear On Holiday

maybe on the coasts of Italy or France?
maybe in Monaco?

 this is Portofino, 

but anywhere along the Riviera of France or the beautiful coastline of Italy,

or even in Monaco, the outfits I'm showing would work beautifully.

love the printed pant 
and love the crisp white blouse,
& one could wear flats, you know.....

with these Splenderosa earrings
18k over Brass with Rainbow Moonstone

truth be told, this is SO me,
but it would work for any of us wouldn't it?

put a little tank top underneath, let it spill out over the skirt,
and pop on the top.
then you have a more conservative look, but still a happening look.

this one is for Elizabeth Kirkpatrick @ Hen House
(& me too)

love the look of all the ruffles with the casual anorak on top

& these lovely Splenderosa earrings
beautiful filigree with large Chalcedony drops

 solve every hair problem known to man by doing this,
so beautiful, so romantic and so European seaside vacation...
I'm presuming you have no tatoo on the back of your neck!

& seriously, why not wear wonderful things?
when you are in places you've dreamed of visiting make yourself a dream to see.

save nothing.
wear it all...right now !!