Monday, September 29, 2014

My New Outfit

image enlargement

I won't be wearing those simple shoes I can assure you.
something a bit more edgy, like a little sandal bootie for our weather,
or a real bootie if I'm travelling.

loving these two colors together,
and I'm such an outfit person this ensemble just called my name.

you like?
or not like?



  1. Its lovely.Wish it were cold enough to wear it here :) it looks like a classic, timeless outfit that will always be in style. The shoes will add the right "edge"

  2. Hi Marsha,
    It looks perfect for fall, totally darling, chic and very comfortable to boot (no pun intended on your alternate shoe choice:)

  3. Classy and Classic, loving the soft color's.

  4. Very smart! Simple, clean lines, elegant. Well done.

  5. At 5 ft 3 I would look like humpty dumpty, wearing this... but the colors are very beautiful..

    Annie v.

  6. Gorgeous.Very elegant and chic. Unfortunately camel is not my colour. It drains the colour from my face. I would need the same style in grey with a touch of came.

  7. Reminds me of early Oscar...
    I know how you love him...
    You are spot on about the shoes.
    ...looks like she could be sporting a perfect piece of "Splenderosa semi-precious"!

  8. Very beautiful, you're right, different shoes would amp up the look. These colors would look terrible on me, nice you can wear them, they look so soft and comfortable.

  9. Colors combination is perfect!!!
    Love those jeweleries so much!:))))
    Totally in love with a poncho....


  10. I love the camel, love the look! Please tell us where you can find it!

  11. Adore the outfit.
    My favorite fragrance is Quelque Fleurs only available at Neiman's. It is an oldie but goodie.
    Thanks for the beautiful clothes you always post.


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