Monday, October 13, 2014

"By Invitation Only" October 2014

International Blog Party

We had an amazing turnout for September's post,
and a huge readership.
Thank you to everyone !! 

this month most all of us are feeling the Fall Season in the air,
seeing pumpkins and halloween things everywhere...

so we thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on what,
to each one of us,
is our "take everywhere,"  "can't leave home without it,"
item of clothing or Fall accessories we know
will serve us in good stead.


Central Park Near The Pond, NYC

as most of you already know, I tall 5'7," so I can carry off the bold looks.

this ruana just reached out and grabbed me, I had to have it!!

& also most of you know I live in Houston where we have almost NO winter,
so this little number will get used quite a lot, worn with soft little turtlenecks, 
and some slim legged pants.

& my jewelry & handbags, naturally.

I don't wear my fur coats any longer, unless I'm in ski country,

& I have a black cashmere long double-breasted coat which suffices
for almost anything dressier, city-wise, etc.

I also have 2 fox flings, one gray and one red, both very long, both from
my days at Sak's 5th Avenue.

like this one, but gray and red.

they can go over the ruana, or over the coat if I'm really feeling glamourous.
& when I'm in NYC or Chicago or San Francisco I feel glamourous.

the ruana can also go over my coat if it's REALLY COLD.
I do this all the time with beautiful shawls, pashminas that are over-sized,
and you know what, everyone compliments me!
& I do love that.

now for the one and only shoe I've really fallen in love with

the heel is a bit lower, it's comfy, and it does make a big statement.
seriously, I think I could wear this with almost everything.

& BTW, I do have a long long boiled wood RED COAT,
with matching red turtleneck,
so with those black leather pants, and my red handbag I think I'm styling pretty well.


via hernewtribe

I think this is Rachel Zoe,
just beautiful.

this is supposed to be a "fun" post
with NO message of importance.

please scroll down to see all the other ladies of our membership who are posting
on this seriously important topic,
and hop over to see what they think is way-cool this season.

&, as always, thank you thank you thank you for reading our blogs
and becoming our friends.
we love U 2


Our local Wildlife care center owner with his wolf

a big lovable WOLF gives his keeper a big hug,
you see, we can live side-by-side.

even us humans.