Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bathing the Lion....

with a title like this who could resist?

Introduction to my new novel,

I’ve been writing for over thirty years and discovered something interesting along the way: some books you like to write, some you don’t. Some become really good friends who you’re happy to see every day because they’re great company — funny, smart, generous (they always pay for drinks), insightful…
In contrast, some quickly become enemies, villains, miscreants, zombies lusting for your blood, dacoits, pains in the ass, brats, girlfriends from hell… you name it. Writing them is like having bugs constantly flying up your nose.
It took five years to write BATHING THE LION, the longest it has ever taken me to tell a story. After a while I started thinking and calling it my fiery lover because when it was in a good mood, I liked nothing better than to spend hours rolling around with it. Yet there were just as many times when I wanted to throw the hopeless thing out the nearest window, or wring its neck, or simply walk away from it because I’d had enough of its irrational moods and often impossible demands. Passion turned into a wrestling match to the point of exhaustion and it was about a 50–50 split as to who would win the battle each day. After a while it got so bad and frustrating that I really DID walk away from the book for long periods and did other things. But in the end either because I’m stubborn. or unfinished things need finishing, or I just had to discover what happened to all these various characters, I went back into the wrestling ring or the bedroom (depending on the day and the story’s frame of mind) and finished. Early reviews say it’s a story that works pretty well.
Truth be told, I’m just glad the damned thing is in your hands now and out of mine. I sincerely hope it becomes your good friend. Tell it hello from me, but don’t be at all surprised if it starts muttering darkly as soon as you mention my name…
— Jonathan Carroll
I'm taking a couple of  copies of this book to dinner to give to my friends,
we all share books back & forth...and God bless you if you forget where they come from,
& you know what I mean.

we are all book-aholics !!

every night I fall asleep reading in my bed, my 2 darling doggies
snuggled up with me.
I read on my Kindle, my laptop, and REAL books.

tell me your favorite book you've ever read in your life,
I would really like to know.

love to all

(I'm moving to a high-rise very soon, blogging may be sporadic...
but the good news for all of you is that I will have a 
 soon...just cannot take everything with me.
I may even sell some of my own precious china & crystal)