Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is the Reason I'm Moving to a High-Rise

a view from the Amalfi Coast highway looking down to Positano.

& it does look exactly like this, the water is exactly these colors,
the steepness of the shoreline is this drastic,
& it is the most beautiful drive in the whole wide world.

I can lock my door and just take off.

who knows, maybe a pied-a-terre is next?

the actual village of Positano, little shops and cafes everywhere,
in fact, most of the seaside towns in this area of Italy look much the same...
Sorrento is my favorite though.

the reason, of course, is the sea...one sees the sea from everywhere you are;
& it is always calling to me,
come back, come back, don't leave, stay longer...
&, there, the business of LIVING is felt so strongly...
sit & talk, stop & stare, listen to the warmth of the people,
and see their love of their country and life.



  1. What an incredible view you will have from your high-rise. The peace it would always bring looking out that window, surrounded by the fresh air and unspoiled coastline with its greens and the clear sapphire blue of the ocean will be marvelous!

  2. Beautiful photos. . it makes me want to be there!

  3. Oh, I agree Marsha...beautiful Positano and Sorrento...there is such a different pace to life...would you really go? xx

  4. Love, love your blog. I'd love to live in Italy...at least part-time. We do love to visit and now that we have down-sized, we might be able to do so more often.

  5. I opened your wonderful blog today and did a double take. I was just on the Amalfi coast last Monday. It was a gorgeous day and I couldn't help gasping at the beauty. We were staying in Sorrento and had been to Capri the day before. I'm reviewing my 500 plus pictures now, deciding which to keep and compile into a book, just for my own enjoyment. Thank you for your lovely blog. Judith Clemens

  6. Hello Marsha

    Throw caution to the wind and move to that high rise. What a life you will have. I will be looking forward to hearing more about your wonderful trip to Sorrento and Capri. My mother used sing "Twas on the isle of Capri that I met her"
    Welcome home

  7. That is an excellent reason for moving to a place where you can lock the door and just GO. Do it!

    Someone once said that you only regret the chances you didn't take.

  8. The higher up the better the view is my motto, my only fault is I have a slight fear of heights... Beautiful photos!


  9. Wait, where will the high rise be? No longer in Texas?!?!?!?!

    1. Definitely still in Texas. Just moving about 3 miles. I should have been clearer shouldn't I?
      Changing lifestyles. I really want to travel more. I know you know. xxxxxx's

  10. YOU would GIVE UP driving a car if YOU Moved there!BELIEVE ME!
    Why are you moving???You just planted the garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO ~ NO ~ NO !

  11. Marsha, I think I have missed something! Why are you moving? I am sure that it will be wonderful wherever it is!!!

  12. Marsha my love..if you are moving so you can travel more, that is a good reason!!!
    and to my beloved Italy....as often as possible...even better per la dolce vita

    It is completely true that Italians really do know how to live, this English girl lives in a whirl of it..
    But there is no where nicer than the coast of Amalfi ( and it is just as steep where we are !! ) the weather is beautiful all year round. You will have a wonderful time
    I do wish you well for the actual home move Xxx

  13. What a gorgeous shot of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. I have been to that delightful delicatessen in your last pic in Positano and bought some truffles there. Great memories.


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