Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is the Reason I'm Moving to a High-Rise

a view from the Amalfi Coast highway looking down to Positano.

& it does look exactly like this, the water is exactly these colors,
the steepness of the shoreline is this drastic,
& it is the most beautiful drive in the whole wide world.

I can lock my door and just take off.

who knows, maybe a pied-a-terre is next?

the actual village of Positano, little shops and cafes everywhere,
in fact, most of the seaside towns in this area of Italy look much the same...
Sorrento is my favorite though.

the reason, of course, is the sea...one sees the sea from everywhere you are;
& it is always calling to me,
come back, come back, don't leave, stay longer...
&, there, the business of LIVING is felt so strongly...
sit & talk, stop & stare, listen to the warmth of the people,
and see their love of their country and life.