Sunday, December 14, 2014

In The Shop

for our readers/followers only


>Emillio Pucci - Backstage
  I am offering a very special deal...

if you're still shopping 
(or you want something for yourself   :)'s  )

hop over to my website shop,
reached via the Shop Splenderosa up top right,

find what you wish to purchase & send us an email telling us what it is & a photo
if you can copy & paste..

select Italian Leather Handbags
& most other items are
50% OFF
only for my readers !!

how's that?


  1. MARSHA.......I haven't received you last three POSTS..............I just checked and was astonished I had not received an email telling me so.........STUPID COMPUTER!XOXO

  2. I can't seem to access your semi precious collection!! I really want to see your goodies!!

    1. Hi Jennifer, we are having serious website problems (earrings appearing on every page etc.).
      I'll send you an email. Merry Christmas to the road warriors !!!


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