Monday, December 1, 2014


this year I am vowing to KEEP IT SIMPLE...
now, of course, this doesn't mean dressing down or not having a glorious party
with all the goodies on the table or not spoiling your kids/grands with awesome stuff.

to me it means thinking of someone else too, possibly someone you've only just met,
or never met...& doing something wonderful for THEM.

as some of you know, I've just moved into a highrise (life changes doesn't it!),
and on Thanksgiving morning the woman across the hall called me and invited me to have
Thanksgiving dinner with everyone in the building who lives alone (she didn't know I was
born in Houston & have friends and family here).

isn't that the nicest thing you've ever heard of?

this is what I'm talking about.
keep it simple.
keep it real.

remember the small stuff as it will mean so much to others.

I'm going to make a couple of dozen little gift bags with lovely "sussies"
(this is what we call frivolous, unnecessary, but highly desirable little gifts)
inside, all wrapped up and ready to be presented to people I may not even know,
just so they know someone actually cares how nice they are.
silly?  probably in our age & time.

however, it's me.

& I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't like being given a package of happiness and
a show of respect.

the kiddos will have some too.


"By Invitation Only"
 will be posted on the 2nd Tuesday of December, which will be
December 9th.

the TOPIC is:

gifting your mother, best friend and/or significant other:


this is, of course, "keeping it simple" isn't it?

to every single one of you 

this holiday season every post I do will have an animal(s),
as I love them so much, and my dogs are a part of my life, an important part.

I've noticed as I go through TUMBLR or PINTEREST that each time I see an animal pic,
I smile.

Smiling is important.
& I want you to smile too.

reblog all you want.


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