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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Really Good Message


"I’m not sure whether I’m a dog who models or a model who’s a dog."
There’s still time left to vote for Menswear Dog for CW’s First #WorldDogAwards at cwtv.com/world-dog-awards/ 

mensweardog: (tumblr)
"I’m not sure whether I’m a dog who models or a model who’s a dog."

There’s still time left to vote for Menswear Dog for CW’s First #WorldDogAwards at 

category: most pawpular 

I am a true believer of the message.  And, don't you feel better, think sharper, have more
confidence, when you take the time to dress?

I know I do.



  1. I just saw a quote from Elizabeth Taylor, "Put on some lipstick & pull yourself together." I do feel more confident when I am dressed up. Great reminder. xx Rié

  2. I agree absolutely!!! I feel SO much more confident and even happier when I feel like I look put together. Now, you really thank Yvonne and I have similiar taste? That is quite a compliment to me:)

  3. I could not agree with the message more, but I have to tell you that...on a really bad day, it is a challenge.

    1. Oh, babycakes, I well I know. But, at some point in the day I just do it !!

  4. Marsha, LOVE the message and it's OH so true! most of life is simply showing up.

  5. Replies
    1. Tina, can you believe someone is earning money dressing a dog in men's attire? I mean, WHY didn't we think of that !!!

    DRESS for YOU...............and you will feel the results!XX

    1. No kidding, Contessa! The two of us??? Who else could we possibly be dressing for!!??!! But we sure have a lot of admirers! Most of all our SHOCKED husbands! Remember I told you when I bought my very first "festivity crown"; my husband said.."but, where will you wear it?"

      I said......"Oh, honey.....the question is WHERE WON'T I WEAR IT"!!!

      And now he loves all 5 of them!

      At Thanksgiving I went to the conservative Club with 28 of our family and I spied my grandaughter who is named after me, Poppy, and I said..."I didn't wear a festivity crown tonight...." and before I could finish she shrieked...."WHY NOT GRANNY????" She is 16! Last time I'm not wearing one to any celebration of any kind! I'm even wearing one day after tomorrow to a memorial service! And I know the daughter of the Mommy who died (nothing but fun this woman); will LOVE it! Have fun!!! Fun is the key!!!
      Look at La Contessa!!!!

    2. YOU have "TRAINED" the grand daughters well..............and DO WEAR the crown to the Memorial. She will see YOU from ABOVE and smile.......XO

  7. Kinda scary good thing! My grandmother (when I was about 7 (60 years ago!!!) Told me those exact words in that exact order. That exact sentence. I adored her......and learned so so much from her and my mother. She was from Birmingham, Alabama!!!

    Southern women.

  8. Marsha, I just had a thought..... you can still copy the dressed up dog idea :) One of my all time favourite pictures of yours is the three doggies in the jumpers on a snowy day......I just love it!

    I must say, I am getting really dressed up this weekend... Im just choosing a three strand pearl necklace of my beloved Granny to wear. I think you and Contessa would approve
    love to you xxxx


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