Wednesday, February 11, 2015

50 Shades of Pink, #1

50 Shades of Pink

being Valentine's week and coinciding with the opening of "that" movie,
I thought it would be fun to do a little parody of my own.

50 Shades of Pink, 50 Shades of Red

celebrate Valenrtine's Day all week, join me in posting you own beauties,
just for the fun of it all.

beginning with one of the beautiful watercolor pieces
by British artist Marie Burke.

this is via Mary Ann's blog, "in the garden,"
which you will find

(via the garden: Peony, Iris & Lily)

Mary Ann is a professional landscape designer,
dividing her time between the US and Paris.
& her blog is lovely.

and, now the 1st installment of my parody on
50 Shades of Gray

each photo represents something having to do with the book/film
(just fyi, I didn't finish the 1st book, it went into the trash can,
& there is NO way I will see the movie).
in fact, I just read the NYT review...pretty bad, except they thought
Dakota Johnson do a good job of being guileless.