Friday, April 10, 2015

SPRING GIVEAWAY + my fashion styling

Draped Denim Jacket

loving this very light weight blue jacket,
a take on the moto denim, but for summer's in Texas,
or anywhere it's hot.
even Europe.

fluffy watercolor pant which actually is so lightweight it's like gauze,

sandals, tees.

what else?

going to Hawaii for a few, it's a long flight from Houston, and if I could
I would change planes in L.A., walk around for awhile and refresh myself,
however, the companions want to get there asap and don't understand the need for the stop.

I've always preferred the relaxed way of travel,
 stopping over in NYC for a couple of days on the way to Paris, Rome, London, anywhere.

the flight returning seems easier somehow, doesn't it?

for those of you who don't realize how large the USA is, or even how large Texas is....

from Houston - El Paso
is HALF WAY to Los Angeles !!!



FN101464 C#1

little canvas clutch
kiss-lock clasp
detachable strap

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