Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jane Fonda Cover for W

photographed by Steven Meisel
for the June/July issue

I've seen her recently on the talk show circuit promoting her new movie with Lilly Tomlin.

she is amazingly beautiful & intelligent,
and very thin.

Jane Fonda


  1. I think she is gorgeous, smart, and a great actress! She made some very unfortunate choices as a young person; I cut her a lot of slack. her mother committed suicide; she had a difficult relationship with her father. Whatever. I have always admired her in many ways.

    When I was much younger, a few people had told me they thought I "looked like her"; (dream on, I thought); I attended a few of her exercise classes in West Hollywood; and she came up to me (I couldn't make this up!) and she said....."You know what? You look like me!"

    She is seriously drop-dead gorgeous! I need to go find that W magazine!!!


  2. Wow! I can't believe it's the Jane Fonda I remember, same Jaw line.
    Fonda, is a good Actress and I always liked her. What a shock to see her still so
    young and beautiful. Hat's off to her.

  3. What a beautiful cover. She seems to be ageless. I remember doing the Jane Fonda exercise video after my almost 30 year old daughter was born. She looks amazing!

  4. I generally post positive comments. But for all of you who don't remember the Vietnam War, this is what a traitor looks like. Penelope, above, cuts Fonda some slack. But young people who have "made bad choices" in the same way are still in prison for what they did. Fonda did terrible things to promote and enrich herself.

  5. I met her just as she was turning 70. She was gracious and fabulous looking... or should I say
    amazing --- which is the word that came out of my mouth when we were introduced :)

  6. CANNOT believe HER AGE........something to this exercise stuff!!

  7. She's gorgeous! I agree with Penelope about her early choices. Money and the right Dr can do amazing things. hat's off to her!

  8. She looks amazing and has the BEST facelift I have ever seen! She was on a talk show a year or so ago and they asked her what she thinks when she looks in the mirror and she said, "I had a great surgeon"!!! She is gorgeous. I know veterans of Vietnam who will not see her movies and consider her a traitor but I still like her.

  9. I admire Jane as much as anybody. She is smart, rich and successful. This photo is a shining example of what hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery and bulimia can do for you. I suppose my point (and I do have one) is that women her age don't just look like this because of good genes and a healthy diet and exercise. This look is a career.

  10. There are many people who made mistakes. I think enough time has past that all of us need to forgive. About Jane's visit to the Viet Cong, of course, it was awful. Somehow, I think she has redeemed herself in the decades which have passed. I just wish I had the $$ and mental commitment to look like she looks.

  11. Jane Fonda looks great, but not for her age. It is thanks to some great surgeons! I have no problem with that, but if you can't afford surgery, it's an unfare comparison. We should all just take care of ourselves and be the best we can be, whatever our budget allows. By the way Marsha, I've always thought you look fabulous too.

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