Saturday, June 13, 2015

Look At the Baby's Feet ....

& does the adult tiger have blue eyes?

peaceful & beautiful,
& it's not their fault that they have to eat meat, dammit.

it's the chain, the loop of wildlife allowing only the survival of the fittest,
& yes it's cruel sometimes,
but not nearly as cruel as man has been to them.


Playful Cub | Source

below, the most tiger-like sandal I could find
from   MSGM Sandals


how I would style the entire ensemble.
I know I know, it's too edgy for some of us,
but not for me !!
I'm loving the entitre look.
Amiga lun007 con mucho cariƱo
top H&M sold out
skirt, $1185
bag, Celine, calfskin embossed as python, sold out

the move to the larger condo is finished,
at least the 1st stage of the move & I'm so happy I did it.

I already feel more at home & so do the doggies.