Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Pacific Northwest

the beginning


Big Sur | by: { hoshmand }


from here we go North...

do you see why I like love it here?

+ it's never hot !!!

a little known fact,
Pebble Beach has an International Author/Book
Festival each September, bringing some of the most interesting & influential authors to the event.

I prefer the music festival in Mendocino, myself, which is just a bit up from Carmel, & truly if there was nothing going on it would still be fabulous.



  1. I love Big Sur too and your blog, I am here often, simply did not view where to comment! Thank you for all your shares. Beautiful here! simply beautiful.....Love Austin, lived there too, born in Texas, living in Fl. (for now, LOL)

  2. That photo is stunning!


  3. Beautiful Marsha! I love Northern California as well. We live in Valley Village (NoHo) in Southern California but my dream is to live in Carmel one day! Thanks for all your posts!! I enjoy them all.

  4. I love it there, too! It is a very special place in the world!

  5. ARE YOU HERE!YOU will DRIVE RIGHT BY ME!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP HERE and MEET ME!!!!YOU have my number...........right?

  6. Big Sur is locked in June gloom right now as is the rest of the peninsula! Fall is the best time to come here because our weather is perfect!!

    1. Ahhh, but escaping Houston's HEAT is always wonderful. We love the coast, even when it's overcast & has a Camelot rain. My son needs the look for a book he's working on. Heck, I even love Seattle, and we all know about it's weather. I love sunshine too, but believe me, I get plenty at home.

  7. Stunning, Marsha...have a wonderful time...enjoy your time away from the heat! xx

  8. Gorgeous picture! I want to be there. xo, N.G.


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