Sunday, July 26, 2015


serenity, order, soothing surroundings = life at home



  1. Such a huge beautiful painting on the wall!!!

  2. What a fabulous bedroom - inspirational!

  3. What a deceptively simple room, and yet so lush. The peony painting is gorgeous.

    I have a Kozo Inoue peony silk screen, and you've just given me a great idea of how to hang it. Similar to these:

  4. The painting makes the room.

  5. That peony painting is gorgeous, definitely inspires me! Thank you for this!

  6. That is just a great painting, was it done on a computer? I have a friend he can take any photo print it out on canvas
    He sells them for as much money as if an Artist had spent 3 weeks on it, he does it in a few hours. Kinda puts
    a dark cloud on Artists. Well anyway I love that Painting. yvonne

  7. Oh that painting! I think I would never tire of looking at the details and yet the totality evokes serenity.

  8. I think my blood pressure improved just looking at this lovely bedroom. I don't want to leave it!

  9. Isn't that my friend Sandy Sallin's??

    Brilliant! I had lunch with her last Wednesday! The most darling woman ever! And I completely adored her husband! Who asked..."How do you know Sandy?"

    I said...."I actually do know her; but I haven"t met her until today!!!" And what a day!!!

  10. I am interested in the handbag that sells for $135.oo. In red and black with chain...Any left?
    Thank you!

    1. Loreen, I don't know how to reach you !!!
      Could you send an email to us?


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