Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Question & A Beautiful New Blouse

hello everyone,
I'm in a bit of a dilemma with regards to putting links up when I show fashion items.

as most of you know,
I have been in luxury retail most of my adult career life,
at the highest levels, 
I might add.

so, actually, I know a thing or two about fashion, trending,
styling, wardrobing, all that good stuff.

& because of my grandmother, Mom-Mom, I was taught elegance & refinement
from birth, but because I'm a Texan whose grandmother married an Italian
gentleman, I have a bit of excessive, impulsive, whimsical, fanciful & maybe even
a little over-the-top included in the mix.

but, you get it...I've got a WHOLE lot of experience in this field.

OK, here's a beautiful blouse from HauteHippie which just arrived at
SOHO Couture, where I'm working part-time.
the blouse is edgy but elegant.
in other words, MY KIND OF BLOUSE/SHIRT

it's $325,  pure silk, will take you almost anywhere
(except church)
& actually you will wear it for many years to come.
so, a good buy, I think.

my dilemma?
should I just go ahead and tell you it's available at

or would you prefer that I link to those sites, thereby driving revenue to myself,
and allowing ease of 1-click shopping for my readers?

for me, this is difficult because I already sell Italian leather handbags &
semi-precious jewelry...
you see?