Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Theory

(image of the Diana Fountain, Bayou Bend Gardens, Houston Museum of Fine Arts property,
open to the public)

transitional dressing.

here in Houston we're not certain exactly what this means as our climate
usually consists of 200 days of Summer, 20 days of Winter,
& the rest divided into Fall & Spring.

however, we do travel, thankfully.

for the rest of my readers, the ones who actually live in locations where we have 4 actual Seasons,
the little outfit above would be absolutely wonderful!

for any age, any size.

the Linella wool/cashmere blend funnel-neck sweater is beautiful in this silver gray color,
love the way it fits, it's design is flattering to everyone.

& that perfect leopard-print skirt, the Marvita A-Line shaped, would become a staple for me.
wood/nylon knit pull-on skirt, below the knee making it wonderful for our Fall shoes/boots.

& both from THEORY in a really great price point,
both pieces are very affordable.

please let me know what you think...would you wear this?

I know I would....and could wear it almost every single day during the season.
I especially love the fact that the pieces are not married.
either could go without the other, you know?


& this JOIE "Matricia" PONCHO ?
pop it on over the outfit above or wear it 100 other ways,
love the pattern, texture...and yes, even with the leopard print skirt.

wool/poly, under $300, you can find it here

& ummmmm what a wonderful Christmas gift for someone!!