Sunday, August 16, 2015

Transitional Dressing.....

I always know the social season will start up about the middle of September here in Houston,
and at that time of year it's still quite warm (read HOT), but we need
to be fashionable, don't we?

my girlfriend & I were having a very casual lunch at Neiman's the other day, 
& when we finished we had a few minutes to look around 
so when I spotted this outfit I knew it would find a home in my closet.  

the perfect transitional dress
also in BLACK
this color is CAPER, which I'm loving, 
and the short sleeve makes it possible to wear right now.

also, I'm loving the look of hosiery on the legs & wish more of the younger set
would embrace this, especially for Fall/Winter.

I was actually amazed to see so much of Lafayette that I quite like.
The company has broadened it's reach and the styling looks
 much edgier and more wonderful than it used to, as well as elegant.
& they're added a Petite line as well as Plus-Size line

I would probably add a necklace which would hang just at the neckline,
maybe some Mabe Pearls with the earrings. 
I like the idea of the Mabe's because they are not as staid as
normal pearls, but they bring instant light to your face.

the handbag I would want to see with this dress is a structured one,
like our Splenderosa Tri-Color Leather/Suede Bag

Bat Pack Leather Women Handbag Shoulder Bag

we just sold this color,
but have ONE only left in this beautiful blue

these are MEDIUM SIZED bags
with both a top handle and a shoulder strap.

Bat Pack Leather Women Handbag Shoulder Bag