Sunday, September 20, 2015

Loving the Look....


I have a very large old pine chest, kinda like the one in the photograph, which has always been
in my kitchen.
my kitchen currently won't hold a piece this large, and I've been lamenting the loss (back to storage)
of this well-loved old piece...I know I've had it 30 years at least.

& in an unbusy moment, which are few & far between for me, I was looking at
beautiful images on TUMBLR, reposting the ones I especially liked, when I came across this awesome image.

a captivating TUMBLR blog called
"French Country Home"
no, it's not Sharon Santoni's tumblr,
but it's as wonderful as her's would be.

anyway, now I know I can use this chest in the main living area of my apartment in the highrise,
the room has loads of wall, which would become bookshelves I thought.
nope, now I know what to do.
& this makes me so happy !!

I've hired guys to come help me move boxes & furniture
& about $100,000 worth of fashion jewelry, jewelry findings & handbags,
to set up the old 4-Poster bed in my guest room, hang my artworks
& generally finish getting me settled.

one of my girlfriends and I are thinking of going to Ireland sometime soon,
and the holidays are coming, so this damn apartment needs to be right now !!



  1. I adore that large pine chest! Going to Ireland, eh? S2 and I have plans to go next year. I love Ireland and was able to meet/stay with a blogger friend who lives in Belfast...lovely! Have a great time planning and going, Marsha. It'll be wonderful!
    As to the heart is with you...seasons of life mean change, not always welcome but usually necessary.
    You are loved.

  2. That sounds like an excellent use for a lovely piece of furniture.
    Where in Ireland, or is that not yet settled?

  3. YES!! Never give up a beloved piece! It will work beautifully somewhere!
    So great! Brilliant!!!

  4. Love it - it sounds perfect!!! That is great news!!!

  5. Finding a new use for a loved piece is welcome news. I think we often hang on to things, just because....Auntie Gert gave it to us for a wedding gift and we've never really liked it etc. But parting with a piece that we really love is a definite no-no. Glad you could find a place for it! It'll make you see it in a new light!
    You'll have fun planning the trip to Ireland!
    Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je ne doute pas un instant que vous devez être heureuse d'avoir dans votre appartement une si belle pièce.

    Gros bisous ♡

  7. One of the greatest joys of "house and home" is finding a new place and new use for a treasured piece. I am so glad you found a place for yours...and how much fun it will be to arrange the books and/or accessories! Moving is a right of passage, always an adventure, though sometimes difficult and challenging. I am so looking forward to your posting pictures of your lovely new residence. Linda Klinger

  8. That pine chest is beautiful!


  9. I would HATE to see you TOSS THIS!!!!!
    WE will NEED A PHOTO when it is FINISHED!

  10. Marsha,

    How wonderful o find new places and uses for your treasured items! I am sore that it is going to be fabulous!

  11. You definitely NEED to use such a beautiful piece!! How fun to plan for Ireland! I am supposed to be going on October 9th but it is looking more and more that I will have to cancel because of my arm. I am so sad! Have a wonderful week, Marsha! xoxo

  12. You come up with the most beautiful settings. They always make me happy. And the clothes! Too bad I'm mostly a country girl who's feet are comfortable in tennis shoes. Then there are the dogs with their dirty paws and noses. Thanks for the fantasy.


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