Sunday, September 20, 2015

Loving the Look....


I have a very large old pine chest, kinda like the one in the photograph, which has always been
in my kitchen.
my kitchen currently won't hold a piece this large, and I've been lamenting the loss (back to storage)
of this well-loved old piece...I know I've had it 30 years at least.

& in an unbusy moment, which are few & far between for me, I was looking at
beautiful images on TUMBLR, reposting the ones I especially liked, when I came across this awesome image.

a captivating TUMBLR blog called
"French Country Home"
no, it's not Sharon Santoni's tumblr,
but it's as wonderful as her's would be.

anyway, now I know I can use this chest in the main living area of my apartment in the highrise,
the room has loads of wall, which would become bookshelves I thought.
nope, now I know what to do.
& this makes me so happy !!

I've hired guys to come help me move boxes & furniture
& about $100,000 worth of fashion jewelry, jewelry findings & handbags,
to set up the old 4-Poster bed in my guest room, hang my artworks
& generally finish getting me settled.

one of my girlfriends and I are thinking of going to Ireland sometime soon,
and the holidays are coming, so this damn apartment needs to be right now !!