Saturday, November 14, 2015


we are all French now.

as most of you have read on my blog, I've lived in the Middle East, in Iran during the time of the Shah.

they loved Americans and all people of the West.
they were educated people, there was a definite middle-class.
I always felt safe there.

we were able to visit Beirut, drive all around Lebanon & even visited Syria.

I wonder all the time what would have happened to our world if Jimmy Carter had not
allowed the Shah to fall.  the Shah's family would still be in power today.
together with the Shah we also had a friend in the King of Jordan.
those countries were strong, and if they had remained stabilized & friendly to the West
would we have terrorists?
I don't think so.

I've been watching CNN since the beginning of the attack reporting
& know we are seeing brain-washed fanatics, not religious fanatics.
religion has nothing to do with this.
it's used as a war chant.

brain-washed drug-addicted people.

only education can change this.
but that's too slow.

how do we deal with this problem?
do any of you have ideas?

ideas which fall just short of dropping the bomb.
now I know why President Truman dropped the bomb...
it was the only way to stop the carnage, I guess.

what do you think?

this is a rant.  I know that.
it's a rant because no one can see the reason behind these horrific acts.
it's also a rant because I'm both an outspoken Texan with Italian heritage.
I was born this way!!