Friday, December 11, 2015

Perfect Grown-Up-Girl's Gift

happy holidays, my friends !!!

if you haven't found that "perfect" Christmas gift for
one of the girls in your life, you definitely need to take a quick look at this post.

Grall are IN STOCK & ready to ship at once.


100% Genuine Mulberry Silk Scarves
(mulberry is the finest silk in the world, they tell me)


 3'7" wide and 6' long

a perfect rectangle length, just so many ways they can be worn or used.
(I put them on my dining table too!)






ladies, I know you think I'm always selling something....

but, this is worth taking a close close look.

imagine the size, 6' X 3.5'

Scarf #1 - 6 pieces only

the rest of the designs, we only bought 3of each.

could easily retail at $295

you see, Marsha made a really good buy and is passing it on to you!

email to purchase, we will send you a PayPal invoice
or take your credit card via phone

to read about Mulberry silk go HERE