Friday, December 11, 2015

Perfect Grown-Up-Girl's Gift

happy holidays, my friends !!!

if you haven't found that "perfect" Christmas gift for
one of the girls in your life, you definitely need to take a quick look at this post.

Grall are IN STOCK & ready to ship at once.


100% Genuine Mulberry Silk Scarves
(mulberry is the finest silk in the world, they tell me)


 3'7" wide and 6' long

a perfect rectangle length, just so many ways they can be worn or used.
(I put them on my dining table too!)






ladies, I know you think I'm always selling something....

but, this is worth taking a close close look.

imagine the size, 6' X 3.5'

Scarf #1 - 6 pieces only

the rest of the designs, we only bought 3of each.

could easily retail at $295

you see, Marsha made a really good buy and is passing it on to you!

email to purchase, we will send you a PayPal invoice
or take your credit card via phone

to read about Mulberry silk go HERE



  1. Absolutely gorgeous scarves. The colours are divine.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous scarves. The colours are divine.

  3. I love the scarfs and everything else in your online store; only I can't get to it anymore. Is it just being re-done/fixed/or am I doing something wrong? Baaaaaah.

    Happy Holidays - MMR

  4. I like #2 and #6. Is the #6 chiffon? Can you email me details?
    thank you!


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