Saturday, January 2, 2016

Simplicity Done Elegantly

with this new year I'm going to be much more authentic on my blog...

I will, perhaps, say things which could offend some people...
& some things which will inspire others...

but it's gonna be me, not fluff & puff.

& I expect comments both pro & con, & that's OK !!

look how they extended the table in the pic reminds me of my grandmother's tables
when I as kids would have our own table sometimes,
& we thought that was SUPER good because we got to be kids but still in the room with
the grownups, you know?   we had to know how to set the table by the time we were 6 years old,
and doing it "right" was greatly rewarded by Mom-Mom (grandmother).

my grandmother was magical, she could make something wonderful out of nothing...
she could paint a wall in her home and make it feel like artwork.
she was like Auntie Mame ... she lived her life to the fullest but was never ostentatious.

I learned everything important from her.



  1. Agreed! Simply elegant! I look forward to hearing that authentic side of you and dont worry with the world so easily offended I try brush all off my shoulder so be sassy my friend!!

  2. i enjoy your blog and happy to read an even more authentic approach. Readers are very savvy and lose interest if it's the same fluff over and over, we want real people we can relate to, even if we disagree. Happy 2016!

  3. Happy new year Marsha! Looking forward to all of your posts.

  4. Happy new year pretty lady!
    Pretty tablescape you just shared.
    Wishing you the very best and masny blessings too!


  5. Cheers for authenticity. Discussion, with agreement and dis-, is good, as long as people keep it civil.
    Love love love that table setting.
    Happy new year, peace and joy to you and yours.

  6. Happy New Year and keep the blog rolling look forward to your thoughts
    All the best

    Kris in Seattle

  7. Hi Marsha,
    Looking forward to your new blog posts. Authenticity shines through. I had always thought that you were, anyway. I figure go right ahead. A blog post is like inviting someone into your home. They can decide to stay or go, depending on whether they feel comfortable there. I can't imagine you doing anything to make any of your guests wish to leave, But if they do, that doesn't change how the host acts in his own space! My guess is that you have many readers who love your traditionalist, but new wave values and sure fire style and beauty curatorial skills and sense of humanity.
    Wishing you a year ahead, filled with much goodness and progress and contentment.
    Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

  8. Sounds like a great plan, I love the table in your photo, we often add an extra table for the children when we have a lot of people for lunch or dinner, it's the only way I can fit everyone in!!! All of my children learnt how to lay the table at a very young age and they lay the table properly for every meal every evening. Wishing you a very Healthy and Happy 2016 x

  9. This is really nice...the table and the shout out to your gramdma! Happy 2016...

  10. the blessings of family and a grandmother who was grace.
    happy new year, Marsha, glad to see your blog is in fine form.

  11. How gorgeous is that! Happy happy new year to you Marsha, may it bring you much happiness, good health and laughter. I love your blog because of your authentic voice so keep on doing what you do!

    WE even called my REAL AUNT AUNTIE MAME!She lived that kind of LIFE............
    SOMe people have referred to me as AUNTIE MAME TOO!As you can imagine that made my DAY!
    What happened to YOU on INSTAGRAM?I can tell you once you master the FOLLOW and likes you would ENJOY VERY MUCH................over there on Instagram I'm antiquegoddess GO FIND ME!!!

  13. Perfect first post for the year. I dream of an elegant table like that.

  14. Your grandmother sounds extraordinary. I had one too-a grandmother who left me with so many precious memories I don't know where to begin. But seeing this beautiful table reminds of so many of her dinners and parties. Also- good for you that you're feeling the need to share more of yourself on this blog. Happy 2016--wishing you peace and love--xo

  15. I hope 2016 would be blast for you. And the table is perfect.


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