Saturday, January 2, 2016

Simplicity Done Elegantly

with this new year I'm going to be much more authentic on my blog...

I will, perhaps, say things which could offend some people...
& some things which will inspire others...

but it's gonna be me, not fluff & puff.

& I expect comments both pro & con, & that's OK !!

look how they extended the table in the pic reminds me of my grandmother's tables
when I as kids would have our own table sometimes,
& we thought that was SUPER good because we got to be kids but still in the room with
the grownups, you know?   we had to know how to set the table by the time we were 6 years old,
and doing it "right" was greatly rewarded by Mom-Mom (grandmother).

my grandmother was magical, she could make something wonderful out of nothing...
she could paint a wall in her home and make it feel like artwork.
she was like Auntie Mame ... she lived her life to the fullest but was never ostentatious.

I learned everything important from her.