Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Movie Review....

finally, finally, finally

I watched The Revenant because it came on Pay-For-View,
because it was pouring rain in Houston and there was nothing else on TV.

well, except for the wall-to-wall election coverage, yada yada yada

I've thought Leo DiCaprio deserved the Academy Award for a long long time, 
especially for The Departed.  but, not for this one.

now that I've seen the film...well, I didn't finish the film...I had to turn it off
as there was absolutely no point in continuing.

my opinion of all of it:

very overly magnificently dramatic, including the cinemaphotography, the sounds,
shots of Mother Nature lingering overly long.

you certainly got the impression of the vast emptiness of space these men were
surviving within.
& especially the hideous cold.

this is not a woman's movie.

Leo didn't deserve the award for this movie, which should have been called
The Struggle.

there is lots of violence, violence of every conceivable kind (except for car crashes).
it's unending.
it's overwhelming, it's boring.

the cruelty of man to other men.

the characters are mud-covered throughout the film, there are ONLY 2 men
in this movie, other than the hero, who show any kind of sensitivity.

I knew I really wouldn't be able to bear it, and I was right.
for me, there is nothing artistic about the film.
it's overdone X10.

to see how some of the scenes were made/filmed GO HERE

I really think Will Smith should have been nominated and should have won!
I think Jada was right about that.
& it has nothing to do with blackness; it has to do with great acting & a great film
which tackled a very difficult topic with clarity & substance.

'nuff said....