Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Room With A View

magical Amalfi Coastline

the view above beautiful Positano

oh yeah

or is it

ahhhhh yes


  1. I'm awfully good where I am, but if I had a little spot like that with that view, I'd never leave it. I'd just sit and look and drink prosecco all day every day, and probably all night too.

  2. Oh yeah!! That view is heaven on earth! Have a beautiful weekend, Marsha!! xoxo

  3. Now that's a view...gorgeous! Happy weekend, Marsha!

  4. I think YOU have a distant country on the brain!Hope you can JUMP THE POND this summer................
    DID you see what TISH did for ME?Go read HER BLOG POST!!!
    This blogging world is really something SPECIAL.................XX


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