Sunday, July 10, 2016

Front Row....

Celine Dion front row at DIOR HAUTE COUTURE
her new look courtesy of a new stylist, it's very daring & dramatic & definitely fashionable.

the runway,
all designed by the 2 young assistants of Raf Simons, who departed Dior suddenly last year,
they have done a rather splendid job I think.

black & white
flat sandals, making the collection look a bit too young, but change the shoes & voila, BANG

so, going forward, we might be seeing some of these silhouettes ourselves.

do you like?

& on a personal note, I would like to tell all of you that I deleted the post I had up over the weekend about senselessness in America, the shootings of the Dallas police officers & other surrounding commentary.  I've never done this before. But.
someone I must know personally has made a few
anonymous comments which are very wounding to me,
about my age & how I should change my photo on the blog,
how I must be a husband-stealer, bleached blonde with big hair and other untrue things. in other words, someone who
does not like me at all.

can't imagine why they would read my blog if that's the case,
but there are many terrible things happening in our country & quite frankly, I'm afraid.

thankfully, I live in a secure location as this person has venom
spewing forth.  my computer is being taken to an examiner as
these comments are meant to be dangerous.
isn't it awful?
to be threatened through my blog?

many years ago I found a beautiful little framed quotation

"life is mostly froth & bubble
but some things stand like stone
kindness in another's troubles
courage in your own"