Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Some New Outfits I Really LIKE ....

may the Lord grant eternal peace to the fallen
& bestow love upon their friends & families.

Parker Annabelle Lace HERE
cap sleeved navy, this could be the perfect dress as it just goes anywhere, doesn't it?

ahhhh, this is something I would most certainly have worn...
Jonathan Simkhai
cold-shoulder loopy-yarn turtleneck with much drama
a really KEY look going forward is the off-shoulder look, this piece gives you that look as
well....can't say enough about this !!!


not to be missed, this awesome bootie, See by Chloe,
"Janis" found here
love the studs, love the buckle,


something every woman will need is a NEW feminine blouse...the day of the pussy-cat bow 
is back and looking better than ever...they're coming in every price point.
this lovely piece below is Theory, the Elmani Silk Georgette Ruffle Front,
comes in INK & this WHITE


below, one of the most gorgeous dresses I've seen in awhile....
beautiful lace (BIG HUGE TREND) in INK NAVY & DEEP AZURE,
& I think almost all of us can wear this style....
it's SELF PORTRAIT Floral Lace Prairie Midi, size 0-10

do you guys like any of this?

I'd really like to know if you enjoy these posts.  OK?  OK.



  1. Absolutely feminine, stylish choices!!!
    The first one dress is one of the beauties in the wardrobe......:)
    And indeed, that shoes are stunning for almost all styles woman's clothes.


  2. keep the fashion flowing....this is the post that I miss.

  3. Hi Marsha - only one or two will load for me; I think they're too sense for my i-net capabilities. I confess I like feminine dresses more than shoes...I'm at the age where I choose comfort over style.

  4. Marsha, I love every piece you area showing, and I LOVE these types of posts as well as your posts whereby
    you give you opinions on current situations happening in our world today. I am with you on every one of them, and I applaud your honesty and courage to write them. Keep them coming.

  5. I have stopped wearing sleevless and cap sleeves as my arms look terrible to me. I am DETERMINED however to exercise and maybe next summer they will be presentable again:):)

  6. I enjoy that you share your thoughts about what's happening in the world around us. Of course, I fall in love with all of the dresses and accessories. Your photos are delightful. It's always a pleasure to visit with you!


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