Monday, August 8, 2016

Houston & The World I Have a Problem

A good beginning of a family saga going on for over 10 years now.

My son married a woman 9 1/2 years ago.
I had already had major problems with her prior to the marriage when we took a family trip to Italy, and she came along at his request.  We paid for everything.  She hijacked the holiday in so many ways.
I treated her like my daughter, lavished gifts on her, but it wasn't enough.
She was horrible to me the day we were departing Sorrento for Amsterdam,
again she was our complete guest.
She wouldn't speak to me for 2 days, and sat in coach on the way back instead of her first class seat in the front of the plane with my husband & me.

For then on it has been a challenge.
She has to be the most important one.
She has alieniated my son from his sister and from his father.

And tonight she made the final conquest, she has driven me out.

My son told me to leave his home as I was there babysitting his 4 kids,
he told me on the phone as they were out at the Alley Theatre.

He text messaged me to ask if I could baby=sit.
I told him I had plans because 2  of my girlfriends were having a birthday party together
& I had promised to attend.  He said, "Oh, come afterward, we'll be out until 11:00pm.
I arrive about 8pm, one of her cousins was there who said she had been there since 6pm,
I said I was told I would be relieving you, she said oh no, she could stay and I could leave...
in the more flippant, arrogant way possible. She's about 40.  She also told me before she even said hello that my car was blocking her car & I needed to move.  I said when you're ready to leave, of course I'll move my car, and thanked her for being so considerate to the grandmother of the 4 children, in a very sarcastic way.

My son had text-messaged this request to me, not a phone call.
a text message.

this woman called my daughter in law at the theatre and told her I was a bitch and that she would stay and I should go.  My son called me and told me to get out of his house.

to me, this is a relationship breaker.

I'm a really nice person, my grandkids love me, hell, even the dogs love...
but my daughter-in-law hates me, my son's sister and my son's dad.

what is one to do?