Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Size Fits All.....

this is one of the most wonderful shawl wraps I've seen lately.
HEAVY WEIGHT acrylic with  Mongolian sheep (sheared from the living animal) collar
pretty much goes with everything we own for Fall/Winter
& can even be thrown over a coat when it's REALLY cold.

here in Houston this is the only wrap we need most of the time during our
mild winters...and as I've given up real fur, this little number makes me happy.

sheared sheep is OK...the little ones get up and walk right out of the pen into the pasture again...
this is a good thing.
would you guys wear this?

let me know as I'm ordering for the shop.

Price $149.00 

(note:  one of my girlfriends who is an exec in retail says this piece could sell for
as much as $250-$300 )

so my price is really a good one, isn't it?



  1. I would definitely buy this. let me know when it comes in.

  2. I would buy it in a heart beat. I guess that depends on the price.
    if you don't get for the shop, then please email so I can buy one.

  3. It's beautiful! Yes, I would buy!!

  4. This is a must-buy ... and perfect for our Chicago Fall season.

  5. Love fur but not a shawl, would if a vest or if it had sleeves
    Too much volume am petite
    Kris in Seattle

  6. That looks like it would be fun as well as warm. Nice earthy colors.
    Acrylic though? I worry about pilling, or perhaps it's good enough quality not to do that so much?

  7. Very good price Marsha .... I think that you will sell many of them .... good colour too. XXXX

  8. Oh so yummy..a big yes! Depends on price, I must admit!....would love to wrap myself in that this fall in Montreal.....

  9. Absolutely.. can't wait....!

  10. I can't wait till it is cool enough to wear sweaters and such! Love this post!


  11. I want one, please. Are they available to order from you now? How are you? I've been missing in action, but am beginning to blog again. The Waldorf is now on my list. Magnificent! Cherry Kay

  12. so chic! it really makes an outfit!
    -Linda, NY

  13. Do you still have the wrap shawl with the Mongolian sheep collar. I still want one. Let me know and also how best to reach you to pay for it. Thanks! Cherry Kay


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