Friday, October 21, 2016

The New Monochromatic #1

The Pantsuit by eula-eldridge-tolliver featuring a leather tote purse

“ Look at that face. The joys of being a parent (Source:

well, they're monochromatic too, aren't they ??

I must tell you guys that as much as I love all things beautiful and fine, I love animals the MOST.
all animals.
I find myself smiling when I come across a particularly great photo of them.
giraffes, dogs, horses, chickens, birds, pigs,
oh well, I forgot all birds are called fowl, but everything has a heart & instincts, and as far as I can they all have feelings too.

have a wonderful weekend...enjoy the NFL football games,
or even the high school football games.
hug you pets !!!

I love you !!


  1. Normally not a fan of pant suits but that one looks so chic!


  2. You're too young to remember that once upon a time everyone wore suits to work, to lunch, etc. The wheel is turning back to that time in fashion, however, I don't think you guys will embrace this, unless it's in the casual way all of you dress now. I love your input. You rock !!

  3. Have always loved the elegant polished look of a good pant suit. In my days working in corporate my closet was full of pant suits. And I 'm with you on animals ... I enjoy my time with my furbabies Dolce & Gabbana the most. xo

    1. Celia, you are the absolute BEST !!! I always laugh when you say the names of your puppies.


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