Monday, March 20, 2017


“  Château de Courances

part of my holiday this year will be to visit this beautiful, historical chateau not too far from Paris.

the spectacular Chateau de Courances 
& the gardens.

this has been on The Bucket List for quite a while and when travelling with my late husband,
though he wanted to see it too, with his schedule and appointments for fine dining we
didn't make it.

now is the perfect time as there will be ladies who appreciate the architecture, built in the 1600's
(amazing, isn't it !!! ),
& the pools & gardens.
& we'll be able to dilly-dally, no rush, no hurry, just studying at our leisure.

the final destination is, of course, Italy.

but Chateau de Courances, the Texas Ladies are coming for a visit and we are thrilled.

please let me know if you've been there ????

yes yes yes, I've been MIA in the blog world for awhile,
lots of new stuff going on in Houston
& I've decided it's time to go out again (with a gentleman).
time to get back in it !!

to all my readers