Monday, March 13, 2017


above, CHANEL RESORT 2017

below, WORTH New York Summer 2017
the same fabric mill in Italy made both.

This jacket is a show-stopper, no question. It has the iconic lines of the open-front, no-collar style. So it's the fabric that's game-changing. Varied yarns are interwoven with chiffon to create a textural stripe. And the edges are trimmed in a multi-color braid. Fabulous.

cotton with poly


above, WORTH New York Jacket
pink or yellow
This is how you give the classic-chic collarless jacket a modern update: do it in a gutsy tweed boucle that's as soft as a sweater, and trim it with tufted fringe in a contrasting color. Flat, shiny buttons complete the effect.
wool & polyamide

above, Chanel Resort 2017
cannot even imagine the price
below, WORTH New York's Black Sequin Skirt
Sequins on Silk, lined 
Sizes 4, 6 , 8 available ships 3/31
the garment will be recut as it was a best seller
looks like 1 Million $

let me know if you're interested in ANYTHING FROM WORTH,
as I've joined their group of excited to be able to work with such
a great organization making beautiful apparel.
met the President, Kelly Collins, last week - she is a ball of energy and inspiration.


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