Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wish I Knew Someone Who Dresses Like This

Viola Milano 

luxury printed silk tie with a Classic polka Dot design.

& the gorgeous tattersall check

mansome !!



  1. I'm with you on this one Marsha! My hubby is always neat and clean but since retiring - he always wore a suit daily - he's more casual. . . . . . . and you know what that means, khaki pants and check shirts just about daily. He does admit he still loves getting dressed up in a dark suit and tie, but sadly it now usually means another funeral!

    Do you follow Scott at The Sartorialist blog? You want to see some gorgeously dressed men (and a lot of strange ones!), especially from Italy - as well as fabulous women's fashion, that's the blog to look at.

    Happy weekend - Mary

  2. of my top three favorite colors and brown and black my favorite combination.

  3. My dear Marsha - Not very often that you make a little error but this pattern is not tattersall check but houndstooth...
    But i still love your work!

  4. too bad, that real fashion get displaced by uniforms. (everybody {unfortunately women too}
    looks similar. Missing personality and the courage for own style

  5. I have to laugh at one of the comments above about retirement or our "age". It does seem the only time a suit is called for these days are either funerals or weddings!


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