Thursday, June 8, 2017

Back to Italy - Dinner, Shopping in Rome

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Walking & Dining in Rome
+++ other possibilities for fun

above is a normal evening at the EDY RESTAURANT in Rome
this wonderful little place is hard to find, but it's so worth the trouble.
located down the little Alley Babuino
not expensive at all
thankfully, we all have GPS on our phones now.

and about walking....

in these old historical cities you must get off the beaten path,
that's why going the 2nd time is better...just take off walking with your travel companions,
my late husband hated doing this, but he was a good sport about it and as long as he could find a place to sit, read his news papers and have a glass of wine he was OK.

the photo above is a perfect example of what you might find just walking around,
and once you find it, you MUST know what's inside, right?


I've stayed at the hotel represented below:
Palazzo Dama Hotel

the dining room

the POOL - does anyone know how rare this is in a European city hotel?


the elegant and fun Raspoutine Bar on the lower level of the hotel

review follows, not by me, but from the famous British Chef & Author
Antonina Parker


From the minute you arrive at Palazzo Dama you’re awestruck by its beautiful interior design and met with wonderful service. For me, these are two of the most important factors when choosing a hotel for a holiday; here, I’m not disappointed. Straightaway the staff showed us to our room, an immaculate Junior Suite. I was particularly pleased to find Tyrrells crisps in the minibar and I loved the amazing coffee-table books that were scattered around throughout. The reading material was a great touch and I often found myself leafing through – you could tell that each tome in the collection had been carefully handpicked. Our bathroom was classic in style with cute little white tiles and I liked having a window, so you could peep to see the bustling streets of Rome and glimpse the city’s goings-on.

& now for a true jewel box of a tiny hotel in Rome,
rooms begin at $167/night

sleeping quarters are up the stairs.  Yeah.
go HERE to check out

you know, sometimes the 2nd visit is better than the 1st
because on the 1st you got all of the "must do" things
out of the way.

Rome is especially this way.
don't forget to walk, take a taxi or a driver to discover
little corners that will show you the real life of
a Roman.

the best part of all is that it is SO EASY TO GET TO
from Rome.

that is in the next post, my friends.



Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Such gorgeous images. Makes me want to return. Yes you are right. The best thing for me is being able to get to Capri ;-)

Cindy Hattersley said...

Would love to be there right now!! So funny that you mention that restaurant ...when we were in Rome, we circled and circled and circled trying to find it...only to realize we were standing right in front of it!