Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Country House Look

as you're read previously, I'm moving to the Texas Hill Country, Wimberley to be exact.

it's where my daughter & family are...
so there's a really good reason why.
exactly 0.6 miles away, so walkable.

however, I've come to quite love the small town lifestyle, 
the little shops with so much character 
and so much great art, 
and the little cafes & lovely restaurants...
+ the sheep, goats, cattle of all kinds, deer roaming around, and the beauty of sweeping green hills with trees everywhere.

Image result for photos Wimberley Texas

Related image

even though I don't have these particular views, I will have a view across one of the long fairways, and that's beautiful.

& now it's time to re-think my decorating style.

so the image of the little open door kitchen table is one
of the things that I like right now.

the simple life, I guess.

the really good news, I have a REAL garage again,
and even though the house itself is not large,
it's a 3/3 with the master on one side and the other
2 bedrooms on the other side...

that's the only thing upstairs & it's huge.
huge !    like huge enough for me to make a
real playroom for the children, or a giant project room for me.
etc. etc. etc.

there's a small room right off the entry,
with French doors opening off the entry
& another set opening into the living area.

then there's one big living area, with views to the golf course.

I'm loving this vignette and, yes, 
I have ALL this stuff somewhere in storage,

 I'm thinking no more monochromatic schemes,
I need big patterns, with flowers, with plaid,
with color.

any ideas ?
let me know, please 



  1. Welcome! You are just down the road from Austin. Wimberly is a charming community. I know you will enjoy living there.

  2. Absolutely Marsha you are on the right track. The photo is perfect for your new found home. Congrats! Can't wait to see what you are doing to do with it. The simple life will be more than gorgeous! I love that look and you can't do it everywhere! But you can in Texas!

  3. The photo you used is so pretty, a French blue with the color of the stone or soil there would be calming like your photo.

  4. Marsha: I was so happy to receive this post in my mail this morning. I found you by way of your comment on my blog. You have a lovely blog and I wish you the best with your move.

    I am in love with anything French - so I truly love your open kitchen photo. Personally, I don't think you can improve on that look. It is comfortable to live with and is so inviting to others.

    Keep in touch and I am so happy to have found you.
    Sandra at Maison De Jardin



    Hi Marsha,
    I’m not sure how to comment on the website since the anonymous is gone and I don’t want to leave my email in such a public setting…so just writing you a little note here….

    I think the two scarves: the large wool plaid square and the soft chiffon orange leopard could be warn together…it just takes a clever gal to figure out the right way to make them look chic and put it all together with some solids underneath. I could see wearing the chiffon with a sporty outfit and using that as a neck filler and then wearing the heavier plaid more as a shawl effect over, acting like a coat wrap. Or I could see on a very cold day wearing the plaid as a neck and shoulder wrap and the lighter chiffon around the neck wrapped like a scarf you tuck in or take off when indoors, keeping the plaid on for a sweater effect. I think the key might be to keep the other clothes you wear in a very basic neutral…black, tan, camel, cream, navy or whatever…with or without some texture, cables, or whatever…but no other pattern to take away from the two scarves when/if worn together. Maybe you’d enjoy creating the look(s) as you see them and posting yourself in several options…you’d look smashing any way you’d choose to do it!!

    If you buy them to sell to others…I have no doubt that they will be gone! Although I’d love to be one to buy, I now have soooo many scarves that I have promised myself I must not add more…I don’t have enough places to go!!! But if you post yourself elegantly displaying them, they will no doubt go like hot-cakes!!

  6. Hi Marsha- I am so happy for you! You will love country life- so quaint and so easy to make new friends in small towns.Shop owners and restaurants call you by name- its wonderful. I am excited to see what style that you finally decide on- I love both of those pictures.
    Susan Hawthorne

  7. How wonderful that you will be so close to your family!!! How many grandchildren do you have? I only have one, and we had her from Thurs. after daycare til Sunday afternoon. OMG, I was exhausted:):) I wish we lived closer though, we are 50 mins. away. BEST wishes in your new home!!!!! When do you move?

  8. I am so excited for you!!!!! This is wonderful and how fabulous to be with the grands! Looking forward to seeing your new decorating style.

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