Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beautiful Things....


photographer Kurt Lawson, model Devin Willow


Porcelain Dress by Li Xiaofeng

porcelain dress by Li Xiao Feng via tumblr



Nina Ricci F/W 2009/10


Nina Ricci F/W 2009-10
even if we will never wear anything like this we can appreciate the artistry & beauty.


As I've mentioned, I'm in the Texas hill country with my daughter for awhile.
We both have so many ideas, none of them alike.
We want to open a shop for her & are looking around to see if the
right location & ambiance is available somewhere, so a lot of exploring.
Real estate prices both for sale and rental vary widely as so many things are
owned by individuals whose needs are so different.  We've decided the only factor
to consider is if we "feel it."  

She wants only Texas artisans.
I'm thinking a bit more eclectic, with everything in the shop being for sale, 
including the rugs, the display tables (which would be beautiful old pieces),
the armoires which would hold goods, etc.
Fresh flowers abounding.  Planted containers filled with blooms, which would be
suitable as gifts or as an instant adornment to any room in your home.

And, of course, Splenderosa jewelry in a small unpretentious spot !

And, maybe my son's photography.

BTW, Houston people, there is a new restaurant just opened in the Montrose area

(like the underbelly of a city only the insider's know).

Totally cool place with fabulous foods, the owner had the impeccable taste
to choose Steve's work to hang on the walls.  Is this wonderful or what?

Thank you to everyone who has ordered our jewelry recently.
I, me personally, am overwhelmed with joy that you like what I like.




  1. Gorgeous photos love the first one!! Its colors are breathtaking.....

    Guess what? Chloe was just requested to do an interview with one of our local papers for June 1989 jewelry!!

  2. Marsha,
    I hope that you and you daughter find the perfect space! So exciting.
    I am amazed at the porcelain dress!
    Have a great visit.

  3. Marsha, You come up wit the most inspiring images!
    I hope you do open a shop with your daughter... I visit my Mom in the winters, she lives in San Antonio half of the year... and I love to visit the beautiful hill country!!!
    xo Yvonne

  4. Time with our children is SO precious... ENJOY! And I hope it all works out with the new shop - but with your hands guiding - I am sure it will! Happy St. Patty's Day... thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely weekend! Jalon

  5. Marsha, all of these images are beautiful. Wishing you the best of luck with your new store. I can't wait to find out where you decide to open it. I come to Houston a lot to shop and will definitely put yours on my list! Have a wonderful day.


  6. oh Marsha what an inspiring post, I wish you and your daughter all the BEST and I know you'll be very successful. Its no secret you have great taste ;) love...


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