Friday, January 29, 2010

Paris Jean Paul Gaultier

As the most masterful tailor in coutour Gaultier presented show-stoppers, all
in a Mexican theme - which was beautiful if unwearable for most of us.
Now, I could wear this dress in Puerto Vallarta - without any of the extras.
I can only imagine the exquisite embroidery of the fabric.

& this one with the fabulous jewelry effect...are those braids around her
neck or beads at the top?  See if you wore this with flip-flops or pretty little sandals
& normal hair it would be lovely, beautiful and still a show stopper.

Gaultier's fabulous fabulous fabulous shoe, nothing wierd, just wearable

His makeup trend, definitely high impact Mexican or Spanish

following is from

Here's a man who could make mincemeat of any competition in Paris when it comes to tailoring, and this is a time when women are crying out for daywear, sportswear, any kind of wear that is clean, stripped back, and new. It's a shame he's not seizing that agenda.

exactly what I said in the Chanel posting a few days ago...
why why why no daywear?
everything is costumy to the max
& for Americans not buyable, is it?

XXOOXX's Marsha